Here's to having it all 

Pinot + Power Moves is a collective that explores the incredible levels of joy, career success, and
straight-up magic that are within your reach when you get clear on what you want, understand how you’re limiting yourself and begin elevating your mindset.


As entrepreneurs whose success relies on an ability to expand our visions of possibility and step into our power every single day, Sydney Smith and Carly Cheton feel especially close to the concept that mental strength is a ​requirement ​to get out of your own damn way in creating the life you want.

Our mission is to share that you really do get to choose how life gets to work for you.

Grab a drink of your choice and join us as we dig in to doing the work of life design, mindset manifestation, and business strategy.

Where it all began...

This collective is a long time coming as Carly Cheton first conceptualized the group when her and Sydney were seniors together at Ohio State.

Back then they would have Tuesday night meetings with pinot to talk about topics like negotiating a salary, and designing the life you love.

Five years later they are brought the group back via their podcast and community. This time with a lot more knowledge to share and maybe a little less pinot to consume.

Five years ago...

Meet Carly 

In addition to being the co-founder of Pinot and Power Moves, Carly is the Founder + Lead Strategist of Lumina Brand Intelligence, a market research + brand consultancy that helps clients more meaningfully connect to their brand heart (their purpose, vision, mission, and values) and step into identities for competitive advantage.

Carly first envisioned P+PM while reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book ​Lean In. ​Though we recognize Sandberg’s work is divisive, we’ve always found the concept of bringing ambitious women together incredibly powerful--and thus our Tuesday wine night empowerment circle was born in Sydney’s campus apartment.

Our mission lives on in the form of our podcast and Facebook Group (but maybe with a bit less Pinot than our 22-year-old tolerances could handle.)

Carly’s thrilled to be able to bring the P+PM empowerment mission to a broader audience with the launch of our collective.

Meet Sydney

Outside of being the co-host for Pinot and Power moves, she is the Founder of Olivewing Designs, a Branding and Web Design Firm that brings its client’s visions to life through impact driven design.

Sydney jumped on Carly’s idea to bring women together at the end of college to discuss career and life design. Five years later, when Carly was looking to bring it back, she had the idea to revitalize Pinot and Power Moves as a podcast to reach and empower more women with the message.

While a lot of things have changed in five years, including them both building their own businesses, the desire to inspire others has only grown.

Sydney is so excited to be starting this podcast with Carly and to share their learnings in hopes of positively impacting the lives of listeners.

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